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Lamps have switches to turn on or off, but trying to locate the switch for the lamp is always a nightmare, especially when it's dark.

Remember when you tried to turn on the lamp in the dark because you needed some water? You fumbled at least for a minute and didn't switch on the lamp on the first try.

Imagine a lamp which doesn't have a switch so you don’t need to search for it, but simply flick it… That's what On-Flick is all about.

On-Flick designs fun switch-less interactive experiences to light environments.

We sell ready-to-assemble lamps, designed and made in Portugal, that are easy to use, intuitive, simple and 100% recyclable.

The team is expertly skilled to create, design and produce great user experience and awesome lamps, and enjoy collaborating with other creative people to improve your daily life - one flick at a time!

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